Mogul Productions

Bug Bounty Program

Mogul offers a bounty program for bounty hunters to find and report vulnerabilities in our codebase
Bugs can be reported to [email protected]
Our team grades bugs in 4 categories:
  1. 1.
    Aesthetic / Already Known
  2. 2.
    Low Priority
  3. 3.
    Medium Priority
  4. 4.
    High Priority
Low, medium, and high priority bug reports are individually reviewed and appropriate compensation is decided by our team. Aesthetic / Already Known bugs receive no reward due to low importance or having already paid a bug bounty for it.
We also get many, many "bugs" reported that are not actually bugs. They are instead suggestions on things we could do to slightly improve one feature or another. Needless to say, we are aware of these matters and do not provide rewards for them.