Mogul Productions
Understanding your drop
To get started on Mogul, first you have to understand the characteristics of what NFT drop. Answering these questions will allow you to choose the right type of drop that Mogul supports.
These are the different types of drops Mogul currently supports:

Large PFP style collections

These are large collections of 1 of 1 NFTs, typically generated through a computer script as avatars or are massive collections of unique images.
Each NFT is completely unique and while they might look similar, they typically will have very different metadata, and traits to distinguish them.
Examples of NFTs of a PFP style drop
Uses Lazy Minting
NFTs are all the same price
NFTs can be hidden and Revealed
Does not support different tiers
Can have a whitelist pre sale
Sales are time limited
Transactions for users are quick
Supports large numbers of unique NFTS
NFTs are minted directly from the Showcase page
Gas fees are only charged when a user mints
Can add unlockable content for the whole collection
Typically drops of this type are listed on the Ethereum Network as a ERC 721 contract.
Drops of this type will be Minted directly from the showcase page.

Small 1 of 1 Drops

These are drops with a few exclusive items, typically seen as unique artwork or utility NFTs that come with unlockable content.
The Since 3000 collections are only 3 unique NFTs, with the winners being delivered the physical dresses themselves
Unlockable content can be added for each individual NFT
Doesn't support Lazy mint
NFTs can be auctioned with starting price
Sellers must pay the gas fees to mint
NFTs can be sold at different prices creating Teirs
No option for whitelist sale
Transactions for users are quick
No support for Revealing
Sales are not time limited
Showcase page is optional
Drops of this type can be listed on the BSC and ETH network as a 721 contract.
The sale for these NFTs will occur on the page of the NFT itself.