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The STARS on the M00n Contest
The STARS on the M00n ERC1155 NFT with total supply of 1697 tokens
Vitalik Buterin, CZ from Binance, and Elon Musk are featured with a Mogul STARS token on the moon in this original piece of artwork from Rob Prior. The piece was ideated and voted on by Mogul’s community of NFT Access Pass holders and Rob Prior live-painted the piece of art in front of a live audience.
To Rob, this piece is special because it allows thousands of holders to get a piece of his work.
"These are the innovators that are setting a whole new movement in motion. It’s my honor to paint them as the heroes they really are.” - Rob Prior
For this Mogul Productions issued piece, any collector who acquires 50% of the total supply of NFTs will earn a spot in a Mogul-produced movie. A collector who acquires 95% of the total supply will receive 25 million of Mogul’s STARS tokens.