Smart Contracts

Find details related to the smart contracts that power Mogul and STARS

Ethereum Contracts

STARS Token Contract:

  • ERC20 token contract with parameters. The STARS token is burnable, pausable, and has a 4% optional inflation built into the 400,000,000 total STARS supply. The token admin needs to purposefully choose to mint the 4% each year; if they do not, it will not enter circulation

Access Pass Sale Contract:

  • This contract allows users to purchase fixed price access passes and receive STARS tokens

Access Pass Sale Bridge:

  • Utility contract to allow users to interact with the Access Pass Sale Contract through using any amount of ether and optimizing their STARS received

STARS Master Chef:

  • Mogul staking contract that allows users to stake Token X and receive STARS tokens for doing so according to their percent ownership over the entire pool. The contract allows Mogul to set up new pools, define the token that users can stake, and offer the rewards that users will receive

Mogul NFT:

  • NFT minting contract that interacts with NFT Marketplace contract

NFT Marketplace:

  • Marketplace contract that allows for auctions, bids, buying and selling of Mogul NFTs by all users

Mogul Movie NFT:

  • Contract that mints NFTs for movies placed in the Mogul Showcase

Movie Voting Master Chef:

  • This contract issues STARS rewards to users for interacting with the Movie Voting contract according to their proportional vote compared to other users

Movie Voting:

  • This contract allows users to vote on which movie they want Mogul to finance out of the Mogul NFT movies. It calculates votes using a quadratic formula so the number of votes each user gets is equal to the square root of their total STARS staking balance

Binance Smart Chain

Mogul's products are currently built on Ethereum, but our community expressed that they wanted to be live on a blockchain that has lower gas fees. Right now, we have our token bridged to BSC through our partners at AnySwap

STARS BSC Contract:

AnySwap Bridge: