Mogul Productions
Quadratic Voting
Use STARS to vote on the movies you want Mogul to finance and get rewarded
The Mogul voting contract uses a quadratic formula to calculate how many votes each STARS holder gets when voting on which film Mogul will finance.
The number of votes a STARS holder receives is equal to the square root of the number of STARS they have.
  • Smaller holders are given proportionally larger voting power compared to large holders
  • The voice of the entire community is taken into consideration rather than a minority of large token holders
  • Users are still encouraged to hold more STARS to receive more votes
Quadratic voting is meant to harness the power of the crowd so that everyone has a voice, regardless of the number of tokens you hold.
Vitalik has been writing about quadratic voting since 2017 as the best solution for blockchain voting:โ€‹
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