Mogul Productions

Project Submissions

Submit your screenplay for the chance to be featured in the Showcase
Any Mogul user can submit their project for us to consider financing and/or placing in our showcase or NFT marketplace. Mogul harnesses the "power of the crowd" and uses an objective scoring system when choosing the projects that can be selected for our Showcase
Qualifying submissions will be evaluated by Mogul’s Film Selection Committee, which consists of Emmy award-winning and Oscar-nominated producer Cindy Cowan (Traffic), Emmy-nominated producer David Cormican (The Tall Man), and award-winning actor Lyriq Bent (The Affair, Book of Negroes). Films projects will be assessed on a number of factors, including the size of budget, commercial viability, key attachments (director, key cast), and the amount of financing secured to date.
To submit a project, sign in to your Mogul account and click "Submit Project" in the sidebar:
Submit your project through the Mogul platform
Project submissions will be directed to our embedded DocuSign Power Form, where the submission must fill out and sign the appropriate release related to the project.
DocuSign Power Form
After submitting the project, the user will get a copy of the signed submission in their inbox for their files. Mogul will review the project and provide feedback where appropriate