Mogul Productions
Showcase Pages
Mogul collections shine like STARS
The Mogul productions marketplace currently supports dedicated Showcase pages that provide users with all the information they need about a drop. For PFP style collections this page will also allow users to directly mint NFTs at the time of the sale from this page.
Users can browse the showcase section and pages to learn all about the amazing collections.

Main Display

Collections that have Showcase pages will display useful information pertaining to this specific drop.
These include:
  • Title
  • Short Description
  • Featured Image
  • Social Media Links
  • Collection Description
  • Number of NFTs sold
  • Status of the sale

Additional Modules

In addition, the Mogul Marketplace supports a number of different modules that can be added for even more information about the drop. These modules will display or be hidden based on if the information was provided.
  • Featured - Rotating carousel that can display images and videos of all aspect ratios
Images and gif formats are supported and users can scroll though to see anything from NFTs to graphics
  • Launchpad Description - Large text formattable sections for additional text and context
  • Artists/Team Members - Image and text to showcase people involved in the project
A profile image, Description and optional links to social media are all available here
  • Roadmap - Staggered timeline display to show long term goal/milestones
Roadmaps will give the details of a project and collection over an expanded timeline and users will know what to expect much further down the road
  • Bottom banner - Bottom Image area to end off the page