NFT Marketplace
The premiere NFT marketplace for the entertainment industry
Our NFT marketplace focuses on curating 1/1 exclusive NFT collections with top talent in the entertainment industry and through partnerships with movies that we finance or films that want to work with Mogul to execute an NFT campaign.
Our NFT contract supports all forms of media, including pictures, video clips (or entire movies!), and audio.
Marketplace Functionality:
  • Issuance through fixed price drops or absolute auctions
  • Secondary buying and selling for fixed prices or absolute auctions
  • Integration with Opensea and Rarible to pool liquidity across the world's most popular NFT marketplaces
  • NFT viewer for every user to connect their wallet to view the NFTs that have been issued through the Mogul NFT contract
  • Mogul may work with select artists to do NFT drops that will feature a royalty. The royalty percentage, for example 5%, will be a fee paid on every sale of the NFT that will direct a portion of the sale to the original creator (the artist's) wallet
In version 2 of the NFT Marketplace, there is functionality to support buying and selling in STARS and ETH. To encourage the use of STARS on the Mogul NFT Marketplace, there is a 5% marketplace fee in place if an NFT is transacted with ETH. If an item is sold/purchased in STARS, the buyer receives a 5% discount on the NFT and the seller receives a 2.5% discount on the marketplace fee.
  • When an NFT drops in partnership with a creator there is a percentage split of funds that are shared between the creator and Mogul (negotiated on a project-by-project basis). A portion of the funds that are directed to Mogul are used to purchase STARS and offer them as rewards to STARS farmers through our growth farming contracts or for our Supernova monthly STARS events. Each drop is specially curated and will have its own rules and governance in accordance to the negotiations with creators.
Our NFTs are hosted on IPFS so that they are fully decentralized. Read more about the benefits of using IPFS for NFTs:
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