Mogul Productions

Setting the Collection

Create a collection, the Mogul contract factory will deploy a contract depending on the selected network and token standard.
In this panel, users will set and upload all of the information for their NFT collection.
Note: Once a collection is made, the contract is deployed to the blockchain. At this point the information becomes immutable. Please make sure that all the information is correct prior to completing this step.


  1. 1.
    Make sure your wallet is connected to the desired network
  2. 2.
    Choose a token type. There are two token types that can be selected:
    • ERC721: Standard for minting unique tokens. Using the contract address of this collection, only 1 of each NFT may be minted.
    • ERC1155: Dual purpose fungible and non-fungible token standard to release several tokens at the same time.
  3. 3.
    Fill in the necessary details for this collection form.
    • Name, description and logo image are mandatory fields. A banner image is recommended as well.
    • Size limit for the logo image, banner image, and featured video fields 10mb due to ipfs limitations.
    • The slug field will be the collection’s URL endpoint.
    • Note: Once a collection has been created, the network and token type fields cannot be changed. This is because these pieces of information will be used to deploy the contract address.
The Mogul UI supports a preview feature that allows users to see what their collection will look like on the Mogul platform.

Submission Parameters

Collection Name
50 Characters Max
Name of your collection
1000 Characters Max
Description of what your collection represents
Contract Address
Selected type of NFT collection
Slug (Optional)
50 Characters Max
URL text
Unlockable Content (Optional)
1000 Characters Max
Text that can be displayed for people who own NFTs of this collection
Featured Collection
Setting the collection to be displayed as a banner on the Mogul dashboard
Banner Image
1680px X 200px
Top banner (Any titles should aligned towards the middle left to avoid being cut off)
Mainnet (ETH)/ Binance (BSC)
Network the collection is hosted on
Logo Image
240px X 240px, jpg, png, gif
Main center logo image for the collection
Featured Video (Optional)
mp3, mp4, 100 Mb Max
A featured promo video that can be displayed as a feature to your collection