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Legacy Collection: Portraits of Stan Lee

NFT Collection from Marvel & D.C. Comics artist / performance painter Rob Prior

Collection Information:

Every great superhero has a great backstory. So too does this collection, the result of years of collaboration between artist Rob Prior and his friend Stan Lee. Rob met Stan in the 90s on the comic book convention scene, but it wasn’t until their mutual friend David Gold suggested that he paint Stan that the Legacy Collection took shape. Stan was a key part of the creative process, and despite busy schedules, they found time over the years to collide and talk about his favorite characters and vision for the future. The Legacy Collection: Portraits of Stan Lee uniquely captures the life and work of Stan, memorializing his likeness on some of the most iconic Marvel covers ever drawn. A tribute to his friend Stan and the icons he helped forge, this collection is one of Rob's proudest works. For the initial sale, each NFT will come with the accompanying physical artwork signed by Stan. His hope is that on blockchain, these pieces will live forever.
10 1/1 NFTs Signed by Stan Lee before his passing in 2018 will be sold exclusively on Mogul during a 48 hour auction period starting on October 27th at 5pm Pacific Time (UTC -7). All of the NFTs can be viewed on the Mogul platform.

Quick Reads:

Number of NFTs: 10
Sale Type: Auction
Starting Price: 0.2 - 1 ETH depending on the piece
Starting Date & Time: 27th October at 5pm PDT (8pm EDT)
Auction Length: 48 hours
Auction Currency: Ethereum (ETH)
Each auction winner will also have the option to receive the physical piece of art, which can be as large as over 6 feet tall! The purchaser will work with Rob and his team to get the piece shipped to them. Each purchaser needs to show proof of purchase and the Mogul team will connect them with Rob to make sure you get your piece.
Exclusive interview between Rob Prior and Mogul about the collection
Stan LeeTM is a registered trademark of Stan Lee Universe, LLC. Stan Lee’s name, likeness, and signature are being utilized by special arrangement between Stan Lee Universe, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED and the artist.