Mogul Productions

Roadmap & Priorities

How we plan to grow Mogul


Building the future of DeFi and NFTs in the entertainment industry.
Our team is focused on:
  • Launching our NFT Marketplace to facilitate buying, selling, and auctions of Mogul-issued NFTs
  • Building out the gasless, non-custodial Mogul smart wallet for our users; focusing on user acquisition of new cryptocurrency users and NFT enthusiasts
  • The continued decentralization of Mogul through governance contracts powered by STARS
  • Building a self-serve NFT launchpad for independent filmmakers to launch NFT campaigns to get their films off the ground
  • In-app streaming of films for NFT holders
  • NFT gallery (mgl.nft) for NFT holders to display their Mogul NFTs to the world
  • Automated, graphical interfaces for creating NFTs and generating metadata and hosting files on IPFS for creators to use without the assistance of Mogul
  • Developing and strategizing with entertainment groups to provide the best-in-class entertainment-based NFT drops to our community
  • NFT Farming; earn NFTs through staking STARS
Have suggestions? Send us community and stakeholder feedback to add additional features and functions that will benefit product development moving forward. We are all moguls!


The efforts to grow the Mogul userbase.
Our team is focused on:
  • Building Discord communities of NFT enthusiasts to talk and grow community surrounding the Mogul NFTs and mission
  • Growing our branded content, Mogul Live, into a household name for user acquisition on social and for our product
  • Providing additional utility for Mogul Access Passes to give holders behind-the-scenes looks and rewards that attribute to the rarity of their Access Pass
  • Building partnerships in the film & entertainment industries that will help us do bi-weekly NFT drops through our marketplace with a roster of notable talent and creators
  • Identifying other opportunities to grow as they come that will benefit STARS and our community


Increasing the footprint of Mogul and STARS integrations.
Our team is focused on:
  • Building partnerships in the Matic, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain ecosystems that generate more use cases and activity for the STARS network
  • Integrating with infrastructure that makes STARS more accessible to all users from the cryptocurrency industry all the way to the entertainment space
  • Engaging in co-marketing with other projects doing amazing work within the NFT and entertainment spaces to engage both audiences