Mogul Productions
Setting Showcase Page
(Optional for Utility Collections)
As a way to showoff and feature your collection even more, utility NFT collections can additionally have a Mogul showcase page. Once all the data has been added and saved, users will be able to see all the additional information about the NFT collection.
For utility style NFTs select the Feature page
These modules are optional and will not display unless information has been entered
Below is a list of all the properties of the showcase page that will need to be set.
Showcase Type
Showcase Page/NFT Drop
Optional showcase page/ Page for buyers to mint their NFTs from.
Showcase Description
Max 10000 characters
Large formattable body of text that can adjusted to the owners preference
Contract Address
Same address used in collection and from the contract factory
NFT Samples/Featured
30 Max, jpg, gif
Rotating carousel of images to showoff previews of the NFTs and other visual graphics
Max 1000 characters
Section to place common questions and responses
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