Mogul Productions


An NFT or a Non-Fungible Token is a way to represent ownership in the digital world. We all have some experience with collections. These can be represented in lots of different ways: art pieces, limited edition stamps, and trading Cards, NFTs are just digital versions of them.
Some of the common NFT examples are collectibles, digital art, game items, domain names, virtual lands, and many more. At Mogul we specialize in all thing's entertainment. Anything from movie tickets, digital songs, dresses worn at red carpet events, even producer credits.
Backed by blockchain technology, the verifiability of individual NFTs is proven by checking the smart contract of the NFTs that we own. Investors/creators can now tell the world with 100% certainty on the exact number of copies of the NFT project and the history of its ownership, hence creating the authenticity of the NFT.
To give you some idea of what's possible with Blockchain and NFTs on Mogul, here are a few that have been featured on the Mogul platform.
Diamond CAPO Mural featured an exclusive 1 of 1 studio session with rapper Jim Jones
This Bonded NFT gives the owner his name featured on the Bonded movie and a invitation for 4 to the premiere screening
As part of the Since3000 Series, this NFT represented a digital version of a dress worn by Julianne Moore at the Red Carpet, the Owner would receive the physical dress itself as well