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The purpose of the Mogul showcase is to use the power of the crowd to decide which movies Mogul funds. 50% of the profits that are generated through Mogul's movies are shared with STARS holders to earn rewards.

The Process

  1. 1.
    Projects are submitted through the Mogul platform and are also sourced through Mogul's network and producing partners
  2. 2.
    The Mogul team reviews the projects to make sure that they are commercially viable and meet our guidelines
  3. 3.
    Viable projects are placed in the Showcase
  4. 4.
    Mogul works with the producers of the movies on co-marketing campaigns for their films
  5. 5.
    STARS holders vote on which film they want us to finance during the voting period
  6. 6.
    The winning project gets financed through Mogul
  7. 7.
    50% of the profits are used to reward STARS holders
Each movie in the Showcase is represented as an NFT
When a movie is placed in the showcase, our users can view the poster, cast and crew attached to the project and their IMDb profiles, a "rip-o-matic" video that serves as a trailer, the project synopsis, and the script.
Mogul works with the project teams to provide details about the project to inform voters

Submission Requirements

Mogul looks for movies with the following qualities to place in our showcase:
  • 50% of their financing confirmed
  • Experienced director and producer attached
  • A-list talent attached to the project