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1923 CGI NFTs by the creator of the Simpsons being made into an NFT animated series
Mogies is an NFT collection of 1923 NFTs inspired by the last 100 years of Hollywood characters and personalities in celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the Hollywood sign being erected. This is to pay homage to the top entertainers and creators that helped Hollywood what it is today, and create a standard for the next 100 years of filmmaking that will occur within Film3 - a movement spearheaded by Mogul and our community to empower creators to create movies and content in more fan exclusive ways using blockchain technology. Mogul is where movies meet blockchain through DeFi and NFTs - and now, the Metaverse through Mogies and Mogieland.
Enter Mogies - the characters of the Metaverse.
Mogies are aliens that feed on entertainment. They love it! They have come to Earth because it's the biggest source of entertainment in the universe. Humans are humans until they enter Mogieland, and then, when they enter, they become Mogies.
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