Mogul Productions
Profile picture NFT collection

Coming Soon...

Mogul is working on partnering with a well-known Hollywood animator to create 1923 NFTs that can be used as profile pictures across social networking platforms. Examples of other profile picture communities are Crypto Punks and Bored Ape Yacht Club.
Once minting the profile pictures, the ecosystem of avatars will be entirely community-owned. The avatars, similar to Crypto Punks, will have unique variables in their NFT that have associated rarities. Access Pass holders will be able to mint their avatars for a discounted price within a certain time period and after that, the Mogies will be mintable for a fee of $150-$500 worth of STARS each within a certain time window. After that window of time, there will be no more minting of avatars and the remainder will sit in the Mogul treasury wallet.
During the minting process, the contract will identify the type of Access Pass that the purchaser is holding in their wallet. Rarer Access Passes will entitle the purchaser a greater randomized chance of minting a rarer Mogie.
All transfers of these NFTs will have a 10% royalty built-in, where the royalty is sent to the same permissionless contract that purchases STARS at regularly scheduled intervals, or contributes to monthly supernovas.
To commemorate the creation of Hollywood and the unveiling of the Hollywood sign, which was done in 1923, there will be 1923 mogie avatars to pay homage to the top 1923 entertainers that helped shape and make Hollywood the global standard for entertainment. The Mogies will be inspired by these entertainers and the characters that they played.
Disclaimer: official details on Mogul avatars will be announced at a later date and the community will be able to give their feedback on this campaign before launching. The information above is not finalized
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