Mogul Productions


Stake STARS and get rewarded
As part of our ecosystem growth initiative, Mogul has created farming contracts for users to earn STARS. Here users can "stake" their tokens, storing their STARS into a contract. Over a period of time, they can earn additional tokens as a reward for being token holders.
The current Mogul staking contract is built on BSC and features the ability to have multiple pools.
This allows Mogul to offer multiple concurrent staking contracts running at the same time. Depending on how many STARS and how long the pool lasts, the contract will reward users.
The mogul staking allows for multiple concurrent pools

Key Benefits

  • Gives the users a flexible range of choices when looking to Stake their tokens
  • Rewards users who are in early and staked for a longer period of time with more tokens
  • Low gas fees when withdrawing and staking
  • Option to add more tokens to the prize pool
  • Allows users to harvest and withdraw their staked tokens all at once
  • Allows users to stake additional tokens
  • Provides the user a view of how many rewards they have earned so far