Details on Mogul token destruction (🔥) which we call Supernovas

A supernova is a powerful and luminous explosion of a star. It's a transition stage of a star's lifecycle where the astronomical event occurs at the last stage of star's life.

At Mogul, a supernova means we're removing STARS tokens from circulation permanently 🔥


When STARS are used for in-app actions, Mogul destroys a portion of the STARS used. This includes:

  • Purchasing limited-edition NFTs that are only made available to STARS holders

  • Purchasing rewards with STARS

  • Submitting scripts for Mogul's review

Supernovas occur on the third Friday of every month. Mogul may add other events that contribute to Supernovas in the future.


Supernova Amount

Transaction Hash

May 28th 2021

2,750,000 STARS


August 20th

50,000 STARS